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Removal of waste products from the body and skin  

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Removal of waste products from the body and skin

Minerals are essential for the preservation of good health, fighting fatigue, support of memory function, a firm skeleton and beautiful, healthy skin. They cannot be produced by our body and consequently must be present in the food we eat. TerreMatrix® is a Calcium montmorillonit clay that only contains natural micro, macro and trace elements. It is able to supplement mineral shortages in our body. It also supports the body in the binding and removal of heavy metals such as mercury compounds, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminium, PCBs, acids and other waste products by isolating them and by removing them the natural way. It also offers a mineral supplement for healthy bones. TerreMatrix® has a basic pH of 8.3, as a result of which acidification, also with athletes, can be slowed down. Owing to the extreme fineness of the particles, as small as 1 µm, absorption is good and it supports the bowel function. It is also able to reduce cellulite. In powder form it can be used as a face mask and helps to remove impurities from the skin.



TerreMatrix tabs


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